Do you have Nomophobia?

Do you panic when you can't find your mobile phone? Do you become anxious when phone reception drops out? Does a week sans phone laying on a beautiful Pacific Island beach conjure up nightmares? Answering yes (or all) to any of the above might indicate that you may...
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12 Great Things To Expect When You Spend Less Time On Social Media

Whilst withdrawing from social media can at first be hard and somewhat daunting, the benefits by far outweigh any difficulties you may first have.  We always recommend letting friends and family know of your plans to be on social media less and how best to contact you...
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How To Be A Social Media Minimalist

Social media is awesome, isn't it?  It's a place to stay in contact with friends and family, meet new people, share our lives, be inspired, shop, learn, market businesses and even find like-minded communities to be a part of.  It's also very easily accessible.  In our...
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Stopping The Addiction To Late Night Scrolling

You know how this goes, don't you? Despite the very best of intentions, you find yourself laying in bed having 'one last scroll' through Instagram or Facebook.  It is only 9.30pm and you think to yourself, only 15 minutes of this and I will close my eyes. The next...
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Creating Time For You Without Distractions

Distractions distractions distractions. They are everywhere. We are living in a world where everything and everyone wants a piece of us. Constantly switched on or commenting on something. We receive a message and reply instantly. Check emails 4-5 times a day. Return...
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Rewiring Your Brain For Happiness

Rewiring your brain for Happiness Ok, so most of think we can’t possibly be happy all of the time? And this in the most part is true. BUT what if we could rewire our brains for happiness? And if we could how would we do it and where would we Start? We can become so...
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My mission is to make you see it is ok to live a wholesome and worthy life offline.

Free from distraction but full of real world connection and meaning.

Are you addicted to technology and being online?

You may at first say no, but I implore you to start taking notice of your online habits and the way in which society accepts the need to be always switched on.

It is frightening the speed and agility to which smartphones and the likes of social media have taken over our lives in the last 10 years and it truly isn’t making us a stronger or healthy generation of people.

In fact, I believe it is counter-productive and it is my mission, my cause and my soul purpose to share my Digital Detox In A Box project with as many as I can, in the hope it will change lives and bring us back to where we were before digital distractions.

My name is Tanya Smith, Creative Director of Digital Detox in a Box and also a woman on a mission to change the way we spend our time online.

I want to see people feeling ok about periods of offline time.  Times when they can indulge in themselves and connect with one another, instead of scrolling.

Ask yourself …

Do you spend more than 4 hours online a day?

Are you anxious when you don’t have your phone with you?

Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we think you need to take a digital detox.  A break or pause from technology to be at one with yourself, self care and reconnect with everything in real life around you.

join our digital detox movement

As simple as a letter in the post.

Be encouraged, inspired and given permission to step offline by joining our Digital Detox In A Box tribe for as little as $3 a month.

shop our digital detox in a box


Slow down.

Remind yourself to look up. Take a breath and relax.

Allow yourself the space to unplug from the noisy world around you ­ from being endlessly tethered and always available.

Give yourself permission to pause.

Reflect. To reconnect with what’s truly important.


Beautiful you, always giving. You cannot give from an empty cup.

Nurture self with your organic body scrub, take a moment to notice the aroma…imagine the delicate balance that had to be kept, for you to enjoy this fragrant scrub.

Allow yourself to be in this moment. Grateful.

Take your time, appreciating the subtleties. .


With each breath you take, you create a space belonging only to you.

Close your eyes. Notice…and allow that space to stretch beyond your mind and into the physical.

You don’t need an entire room. A cosy corner will do.

A plush cushion, gentle lighting…a moment to nurture you and your body. What would it take?

What our tribe are saying …

I love love love the digital detox in a box, because the products it contains have allowed me to create a space at home, away from technology and distractions. I take 15 minutes out, to just be me, in that space, whilst enjoying my tea and smelling my beautiful candle. I love them even more, because they are organic and don’t play with my allergies! Winning! I’ve found this time allows me to process my thoughts and gives me time to reflect. I come out of my “digital detox” time with a calmer mind and heart! I also carry my Hanako – I am Supported oil with me daily. If I feel in a bit of a tizz, or life is just flying by – a little spray of this, and it helps to calm me. I love these boxes that much – that I share the love with friends!